Tuesday, 8 January 2013

From collector to crafter

In line with the new year I have decided to set myself a target of making/crafting one project per month for 2013. This is not the first time I have started a year with such intentions but (like many of us I'm sure) my initial enthusiasm wanes and little becomes of my best laid plans. This year things will be different. I have to admit that much of my attraction to needle crafts is to do with the paraphernalia surrounding such hobbies. I adore fabrics and haberdashery - I can spend hours browsing the internet for fabrics to add to my collection and perusing the likes of pinterest marveling and the wonderful items people make. What I then fail to do is use the items I have so lovingly gathered to create the treasures they have been intended for (I have had similar 'dabblings' with baking and cake decorating and a whole host of other 'crafts'). So, I have decided to start a blog in the hope that sharing my experience (even if no one reads it and it is just with myself!) will aid my transition from collector to crafter...

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